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January 3, 2015

Girls Reading This
Any Town, Any State

Dear girls reading this,

The Nancy Drew mysteries are a great series. Written by Carolyn Keene, they are an excellent read. I love them because Nancy, a girl of 18 with titian blonde hair, always finds mysteries and always solves them, even though she always hit a bump. Little or small bump, Nancy or her friends and family will get out of it. Though the books were published in the 1940s, in some cases the events relate to what could happen in a modern teenage life. For example, in one book a little girl gets kidnapped for ransom. Unfortunately, that still happens nowadays. In another one, there is a pickpocket to catch. The pickpocket is the more realistic part…well, more realistic than a detective trying to catch one.

Original Nancy Drew

56 books total!!


I strongly suggest you girls go out and read an original Nancy Drew book.

Have a Bookie New Year!!!

Sincerely yours,

Holly Shannon

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