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Happy 2015!! Did everyone have a great holiday season? Are you ready to dive back into work? I, for one, am not. I realized how happy I have been staying home with the kids and not having to deal with the politicking, late hours, and stress of work in general. I am also a bit nervous because our new CFO starts tomorrow. The old CFO is the one who hired me, and the entire department had a great camaraderie under his leadership. You never know what a new person will bring to change the dynamics or what changes he will make. Anyway, that is all for tomorrow. Today is one last day of peace and quiet.

These past two weeks have been absolutely heavenly. We watched movies and introduced the kids to favorite TV series. We played games, read, cooked, shopped, and just relaxed – something we all desperately needed to do. Jim spent most of the last two weeks fighting some variation of influenza which left him feverish and achy off and on for a good two weeks. Connor got caught up on homework assignments, and Holly read and danced around the house. I think she is in full-blown dance withdrawal given how often she practices steps or positions or combinations. She has also become quite the Nancy Drew addict. She even shared her feelings in yesterday’s “That’s What the Girl Read” post. While I don’t have the full set of the original series, I do have many of them and she should be more than halfway through them by the time school starts again on Monday. I love to see her so excited about such a fun series!

Christmas was very good to all of us. Jim got the coats – a Harley-Davidson leather riding coat and a Wisconsin gameday coat – that he wanted. Holly received a new iPod Touch, and Connor was gifted with his letterman’s jacket. I lucked out with a new wireless Bluetooth speaker I’ve been wanting. Nothing bookish, but that’s okay.

For those long-time readers, they will know my husband loves cars. He trades cars as often as women change purses. He always manages to get trade-in values more than our loans, so I cannot complain. Then again, after almost 20 years of this, I’ve gotten used to the idea of a new car every year. So, it would not be a new year without a new car. Enter our new Toyota Prius. We picked it up this past Friday and have been enjoying the technology and the comfort. Considering his former car was a two-door sportscar, this four-door hatchback is a welcome change. It will also help with my daily commute when gas prices do decide to increase again. Besides, now that I’m a vegetarian, the hybrid car is a given, right?

We finally have snow again! It was odd having a brownish-green holiday season. I am one of those that feels that if it is winter, we should at least have snow on the ground to match the season. Of course, this also means it is a great excuse to stay home, cook, and just prepare for the upcoming work week, which is exactly what we will be doing today.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and have a great week to come!

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