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I may or may not still be licking my wounds from last Sunday’s game. I may or may not want to start a petition to get Joe Buck and Troy Aikman off the air or at least get them to stop announcing games when Green Bay plays because their bias against the Packers is utterly infuriating and just so wrong. I may or may not watch the Super Bowl because I cannot stand Brady and Belichick and will be angry at Wilson and Carroll for a long time. Yes, I may be pouting, and I don’t care.

I was getting ready for work one day this week, and Holly called into my bedroom “Good morning, Mama!” Upon hearing her say that, I was still for a moment. Here is my 10-year-old daughter still calling me Mama in an earnest and loving manner, and I love it. Then I started thinking about both of the kids – how they provide me with hugs and kisses whenever I need them most, how Holly will still hold my hand…in public no less, how both kids will snuggle and cuddle on my lap if I let them, how Connor will give both Jim and me a hug and kiss good night every night without asking. As I was thinking of these things, I had one of those moments of clarity where I realized that I must be doing something right in this weird and frustrating parenting job. For, as much as we may fight with each other, arguing over rules, restrictions, expectations, and chores, my kids still love me enough to physically demonstrate it, and I love them to the point where I crave those moments of intimacy and love. Connor may complain that he doesn’t understand us and that we are totally overreacting about his disappointing grades/his lack of running/his lack of tuba practicing/his lack of initiative/his lack of help around the house, but the next minute he is giving me a hug or bringing me a cup of tea without being prompted. The title “Mama” – not Mommy or Mom – is the one of which I am most proud and one that keeps me going when things get tough. It was this simple title being uttered graciously in the morning that rendered me momentarily immobile as I contemplated my extreme good fortune because it showed me that this is what parenting is all about – this unconditional love freely given and taken, shown in abundance no matter how many harsh words may pass between us, as seen through the simple word “Mama.”

What did you miss this week? I read and listened to some amazing books last week and missed out on one I was highly anticipating. I shared my thoughts on Nadia Hashimi’s thought-provoking novel, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell. Things got less serious and so much fun with Cary Elwes’ memories of the making of The Princess Bride in As You Wish as an audiobook. Then things got downright terrifying with Nick Cutter’s latest horror story, The Deep. Finally, I ended the week with the hilarious and poignant Neil Patrick Harris and his Choose Your Own Autobiography. How is that for eclectic reading?

What did I miss this week? It looks like I missed my blogging anniversary. Six years ago, I decided to give this blogging thing a try. Yes, things have changed, but I know you already know that. Yes, I have learned so much about myself, but I have already shared that with you throughout the years. Instead, I am just going to repeat my heartfelt gratitude from New Year’s Day, and say thank you again for being the best bunch of friends and readers a gal could ever have!

Have a relaxing Sunday and great week!

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