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Brrrrr…it was a COLD week. The schools closed on Wednesday and Thursday, but given the temperatures, they probably should have closed all week long. Holly also missed out on dance classes this week; however, they did not cancel her competition team practice yesterday. They also have not canceled tryouts for main cast parts for this year’s ballet. This is the first year Holly can try out; she is excited and nervous, but I know she will kill it at her audition later today.

Between the cold temps and the snow we got this week, I have been thoroughly testing my new Prius. I have decided that she is extremely tough and very smart. I say she because for the first time ever, I have given my car a name, and what better name to bestow on such a car than Hermione? Hermione showed she can handle snow and ice and still give me decent gas mileage even in below zero temperatures. I’m thinking it is a match made in heaven.

Year-end craziness is in full swing. My manager even discussed the possibility of working Saturdays. We both agreed it was better to work late during the week than sacrifice our weekends. So, if this week is any indication, I have a feeling I will be working 11-13 hour days for most of January and February. I consider myself lucky that in a career that spans well over a decade, this will be my first year of having to put in these types of hours. It was only a matter of time before that luck ran out, and I would have to work like every other accountant in the world at this time of year.

I saw this article this week about 15 things to stop doing in the new year and have been sharing it as often as I possibly can. These all resonate with me so much, especially number 13. This is particularly true because I find myself fostering the same competitiveness in my children. So far, they have been resistant to my sentiments, but that does not stop me from feeling competitive on their behalf! Also, how true is number 1? I often joke with my girlfriend that we are quickly reaching the point where people are going to start documenting their bathroom trips and other bodily functions; I’m only half joking when I say that too.

On the website this week, I shared what I was reading and did read during vacation on Monday’s What Are You Reading? post.  Holly delved into the world of YA with her latest post of That’s What The Girl Read. I posted my thoughts on the last of my 2014 books: Ostland by David Thomas, Descent by Tim Johnston, and The Teenage Brain by Frances E. Jensen, MD.  With those reviews, I officially end 2014 and the 192 books I read throughout the year. For a fun look back at them all, I started tracking the first sentences of each novel and have made a page for them. How many can you recognize on sight?

It is still very cold out this weekend, so we’ve been staying indoors, watching football, and getting back into the swing of homework, practices, and fitting in household chores. Today, there will also be fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, and yummy comfort foods to help keep us all warm!

Have a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week!

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