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That's What The Girl Read


Vega Jane has a mystery to solve. Why did family friend, Quentin Herms, vanish into the Quag? Nobody would go to the Quag on there own free will. Vega knows he was chased. But why? Wormwood lives with lies in every inch, so don’t believe everything you hear. There is only one place where everything is true. But that place is dangerous, and filled wThe Finisher by David Baldacciith many dark magical things. But Vega continues to go there, no matter what risk or horror she might encounter.

They don’t want you to know the truth.

The Finisher proved a very excellent and exciting read. Trying to solve the puzzle, as well as taking in everything I am reading was challenging but worth it. With many twists and turns, the entire book lives up to its author’s reputation. It’s excellent for puzzle solvers, people who love stories that have lots of conflict, and people who enjoy J.K Rowling-type fantasy. When you finish The Finisher, you want to start the next adventure.

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