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The Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday! I’m keeping this short and sweet this week partly because there isn’t much to share and partly because I imagine people are busy enjoying the beautiful weather and/or football. The first full week of school went well. Connor still needs to learn time management because his bedtimes got a little late as he struggled to finish his homework after practices. Holly also has to learn time management as her dance classes tired her out more than she expected, and she found herself too tired to finish her homework at night. Thank goodness we get her up so early in the morning because that was typically when she would finish it. I suspect this week will be much better now that they both have a better idea of just how busy they are.

Work went well for both Jim and I. There were some hiccups closing the month and publishing the financials for the company, but I’ve already implemented policies to prevent it from occurring next month. I’m hoping that next week will see the finalization of everything so that I can finally move onto my regular duties! Jim recently accepted management of one additional business unit on top of his current responsibilities. This is supposed to be temporary and the jumping off point for a promotion to the next level in the organization. Hopefully, it won’t mean more travel or longer hours. We shall see.

The yardwork continues. The boys are outside right now in fact tearing up those nasty hostas; yes, I know that I may be the only person in the US who actually hates those perennials, but it’s my yard. I’m allowed to tear up plants that others might love. 🙂  They are also going ahead and beginning to winterize the yard. I don’t know about you, but our nightly temperatures this weekend have barely broken 40 degrees. If that is not a warning of weather to come, I’m not certain what else could be. Winter came so early last year that we missed the chance to prep the yard. We are not going to make the same mistake again!

Books reviewed:

Have a great Sunday afternoon and an even better week to come!


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