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The Sunday Salon

Happy Labor Day weekend to all American readers! I know everyone in my family is thankful for the extra day of rest, not that we will be resting. Given that this is the last peaceful weekend until November, we are busy cleaning and organizing and preparing the house for colder weather. Thankfully, the weather is gorgeous, making those outside chores less unpleasant and the inside ones comforting. Don’t worry. This long weekend won’t be all work and no play. Everyone wants to get in some extra sleep and relaxation before we all go back to school and work on Tuesday.

Speaking of school, Holly met her fifth grade teacher on Thursday, and I am very impressed. Her use of technology through social media, QR codes for book trailers, cartoons, online reading challenges, and the like is phenomenal. I love seeing teachers embrace technology so firmly and think outside the box when it comes to learning methods. I am thoroughly excited to see Holly embrace the unusual learning styles and thrive as I know she will.

Connor had his first cross-country meet on Wednesday. It was not the start we were hoping to see from Connor, but on the bright side, things can only improve. Even his coach was shocked at his subpar performance. Hopefully, he knows what caused his poor performance and will work on it. His next meet is in two weeks, so there is plenty of time for improvement.

This was my first week at work without my manager and having to fill in for her role while the hunt is on for a new controller. It wasn’t horrible, but this week will be the real test. Month-end close procedures were never much fun when we were fully staffed, and everyone knew what they were doing. Now, we are down two people in the department and have to essentially teach ourselves how to do everything. I expect long hours, few breaks, and insanely busy days, but it will all get done. That is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reviewed this week:

I hope everyone has a wonderful, productive and relaxing weekend. Happy Sunday!

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