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The Sunday Salon

I’m back, literally and figuratively! I always have the best of intentions to pop in and write an update every week, but something always keeps me away from my computer. Then again, after spending my entire week staring at a computer screen because of work, I’m not exactly anxious to power up my laptop and start writing.

For the last two weeks though, I’ve had a much better reason not to write something. Jim and I were busy getting in motorcycle mileage as we rode all around Sturgis, SD. The timing was absolutely perfect, as we got to experience the last day of the rally and missed a majority of the crowds. We went to ride, and ride we did. The weather was gorgeous, and the scenery was breathtaking. What started out as a once-in-a-lifetime trip ended up becoming a trip we both want to do again because we had such a wonderful time. I tried to keep my Instagram and Tumblr accounts loaded with pictures if anyone wants to take a look. Otherwise, I highly recommend heading to the South Dakota/Wyoming border and checking out all of the sites.

Now that our trip is over, so is summer. Connor started cross-country practice and found out on Friday that he made Varsity. His first meet is this coming Wednesday. Now that he’s at least a good half-foot taller and more muscular than he was last year, Jim and I are expecting great things for his sophomore year. Marching band is in full swing, and he is busy with the responsibilities that come with being the section leader for the tuba section. He continues to love every minute of band, and I know he is going to continue to excel in music. On Wednesday, Jim and Connor went and picked up his school-issued laptop. In spite of almost a month of spending hours at the high school, this one event made the pending school season very real for Connor. He will be taking his first Advanced Placement class this year, for which he had summer homework. Needless to say, he is still working on it but finally realizes that time is quickly running out for him and that this is not your ordinary homework. It is going to be an interesting year!

Holly is heading into her last week of summer dance classes, and we had sign-ups for the new dance season this past week. She added one more dance class to her repertoire this fall. Plus, she made the dance academy’s competition dance team for the upcoming season. That means, she will be taking a grand total of seven different dance classes each week. This Thursday, she will meet her fifth grade teacher. She is so excited to do so, and I know she is more than ready to start the school year and dance season. How Jim and I handle this year remains to be seen.

Today, Jim and I are heading out for yet another ride with friends. I’m already hearing rumblings about another long, cold winter, so we both feel the urgency of getting as much road time as we can while the weather remains cooperative. We return this afternoon only to have to get ready for the annual block party. In other words, it’s another typical and hectic summer weekend. In a few short weeks, we will make the switch from summer weekends to autumn weekends with cross-country meets, football games, dance practices and more. It is a little frightening how quickly the season came.

As for my reading, vacation really crimped my reading plans. I had plenty of material but ended up only finishing one book during the entire time we were gone. I think that may be a new record. I’m trying to squeeze in some more reading time, but my manager gave notice while I was gone. We were already down one person in the department, so her loss is a significant one. Our little department of six is now down to four, and I’ll be picking up the slack until such a time as they can fill her position. It means long work days, missed lunches, and bringing work home. I don’t mind, but I know my reading pace is going to significantly slow. That is the only downside to this challenge, but I’ll make it work!

In the meantime, here is a list of what I recently read and reviewed:

I hear Jim starting up the motorcycle, so that means I need to get going. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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