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The Sunday Salon

Hello! I knew June was going to be a busy month, but I never expected it to be quite as busy as it was. Connor performed at the high school graduation ceremony. Holly spent an entire week at dress rehearsals and then an entire weekend performing in four different dance recitals. Jim traveled to Canada. Jim and the kids went to visit his family in Texas. I followed for a quick visit as well. Connor started marching band practice for the next school year season. He also started working at his summer job. My parents came for a visit. Jim is playing on a kickball team. Both the kids have been hanging out with friends. Connor marched in two parades for Independence Day. Jim and I have been trying to get some motorcycle time as our trip to Sturgis is quickly approaching.

One of my coworkers took a promotion and transferred out of the department. Since we are not filling his role at this point in time, it means that someone (namely me) has to pick up his duties in addition to my own. I’m finding it a rather difficult task to do so and have been taking advantage of the lack of dance class to work longer hours in an effort to get everything done.

This week, however, summer dance classes start, so my evening breaks are at an end. Holly is taking five classes this summer, and even I decided to get in on the fun and signed up for an adult Irish dance class. I know it seems like a lot of time spent at the dance studio, but she took my breath away at how talented and beautiful she was during her recitals, making it worth every minute. She genuinely loves to dance, and it shows in her every gesture – both on and off the stage.

Connor, too, is already showing success for his sophomore year. He is the section leader for the tuba section in the marching band and will start the year as first chair. It is so fun to see him take this role seriously. I swear, he is maturing before my eyes. My Baby!!!!

I am sure I am missing some things, but June is very much a blur. July is already shaping up to be just as busy, and I’m not even thinking about August and the start of school activities. The funny thing is that I wouldn’t trade this time for all the money in the world. I love watching my kids perform and grow, learn valuable time management skills, and enjoy themselves. It also makes those rare times when we are at home enjoying downtime so much more worthwhile.

With that being said, it is time for me to go enjoy one of those rare moments and settle down for a family movie. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and Sunday! Happy reading!

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