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The Sunday Salon

Happy Weekend! The 2013/2014 school year is officially over. I know Holly is disappointed. She loves seeing her friends every day, all of whom do not live in our neighborhood. Connor is a bit more ambivalent about the end of the year. He has an official job this summer working part-time with our friend, who also happens to be a contractor. He’s been working for him a few weekends this spring and loves the money. I suspect he is going to have issues with having to get up early on weekday mornings to go to work. Still, it is a great opportunity for him to learn some basic carpentry skills, build muscle, and force himself to get out of the house every day. Otherwise, this is the kid who could easily sleep all day long.

This is the last week of dance too, which means it is our own version of Hell Week. Holly has dress and tech rehearsals all week long, culminating in two ballet recitals and two variety shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We make it through this week, and we FINALLY have a break from evening activities.

Well, that’s not quite true. Jim signed up to play on a kickball team this summer. They play every Tuesday, starting this week. We played a little bit last year, filling in on our friends’ team for a tournament during which several of their regular team members could not attend. It is a blast, and it is going to be fun to watch Jim play, even if it does cut into our relaxed summer schedule.

Not much else to discuss for now. Jim and I remain swamped at work. At this point in time, it’s par for the course considering our roles within each of our organizations. Marching band practice does start up this week as well because they have to get ready for parade season. So, in other words, the situation in the Shannon household remains as crazy busy as ever!

Reviewed this week:

With that, I should go. My refrigerator and pantry are fairly bare, and with the kids home all day, I definitely need to stock up on food for them! Have a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week!

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