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Happy Sunday! It may be a typical Eeyore day on the outside, but here in the Shannon Teach (Gaelic for home), it’s been non-stop spring cleaning all weekend. Walls, floors, bedding, windows, carpets – the works. We even got a head start on the outdoors by tilling up some beds we want to redo and reseeding an area of the lawn that the dogs destroyed over the winter. Everyone pitched in this year, which helped ease the burden and made it go so much faster than those years I did it all myself. Hopefully, the kids learned some good housekeeping lessons in addition to a new-found appreciation for a job well-done. I know I’m totally reveling in the cleanliness.

This week is the kids’ spring break. I took off the week to spend it with them. I don’t think we’ll be doing much because the weather is supposed to be cold and crappy again, but I know we are all looking forward to a respite from early mornings, late nights, homework, dance classes, and the like. If this rain keeps up, I envision lots of cooking and baking, reading and sleeping – which actually sounds like the perfect vacation to me.

There is not much else that is new these days. It’s all work and school and activities. We are all just waiting not-so-patiently for the weather to truly warm up so we can go out for bike rides, runs, motorcycle rides, walks, and just spend time outdoors. It will happen one of these days.

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