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Daylight Savings Time is always a cruel beast. I know the extra daylight hours at night are a welcome respite from winter’s darkness, but even though one may go to bed an hour early to make up the difference, it somehow still takes days to recover from springing ahead. This year seems particularly cruel given the lack of spring-like weather and the feet of snow still covering the ground. We might have advanced the clocks an hour, but until I see a robin, I have no hope that spring will ever arrive.

Yet, in spite of the ongoing winter weather, life continues as usual. Connor starts track practice on Tuesday. That means more long evenings, late nights, and racking up the mileage on my car with all the to-ing and fro-ing between practices, home, and meets. This will be Jim’s first real experience of life as a parent of a high school athlete since he was in California for Connor’s entire cross-country season. I’m looking forward to having help this time around as well as anticipating his reaction to the craziness that school sports mean for student and parents. It should be fun!

For those who did not see my announcement on Twitter, this week I resigned my position as the Media Director for Bloggers Recommend. This was mostly in anticipation of the track season and added craziness of the end of the school year. Last fall almost killed me with everything I was juggling, and while I do have help this time, I want to make my life as simple as possible. It wasn’t an easy decisions though. I loved growing the BR presence in social media and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I had with fellow book lovers as a result. However, one can only do so much. It looks like they already found someone to take my place posting on the website and on Twitter, so you may not see much of a difference there. I will still be an active participant in BR, so continue to look for my recommendations.

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We have a lazy, sleepy Sunday planned. It involves watching college basketball, reading, homework, laundry, and perhaps a nap or two. I think we are all trying our best to prepare for the schedule change on Tuesday. Hopefully, the schedule change and time change means that my first robin sighting is just around the corner. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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