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Robins! I spy robins!!! Just when I was giving up hope that winter would never leave, I awaken to the gorgeous sound of robins singing and the birds all twitterpated. I will ignore the forecast that calls for the inch of snow this week and celebrate the fact that it does indeed look like the world is finally warming and waking.

Life continues apace at the Shannon household. Jim squeezed in a visit to his father and family in Texas for the weekend after a two-day business trip. Connor remains swamped with track, band, and homework. Holly’s dance classes get a little more intense each week as the recital dates draw nearer. I am just trying to keep everything together, as I always do. It’s exhausting, but honestly, the thought that we really only have three more years of this with the two-kid craziness is enough to remind me to savor every sanity-threatening moment.

I have been thoroughly enjoying March Madness this week. I did not pick a bracket this time around – too many good teams and bubble teams with potential – but I have been relishing the upsets and the unlikely Cinderella teams. Dayton in but Duke out? Who could have ever predicted that?!? The kids are just beginning to understand the insanity that is basketball in the last few minutes of the game and just how quickly a team can come from behind to win. Between that and the NCAA hockey tournaments, it is a great time of year to be a sports enthusiast.

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Since my life is all about my chauffeuring duties this week, I am going to enjoy the chance to avoid the car today, which means plenty of reading and basketball this afternoon and Cosmos tonight. The whole family has been enjoying Neil deGrasse Tyson’s closer look into our planet, solar system, and universe. The imagery is gorgeous, and it really does leave you with hope and awe at our wonderful world. If you haven’t seen any of the episodes yet, I highly recommend you do. Anyway, enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

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