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Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  We are keeping it lowkey today, wearing comfy clothes and noshing on just a few of our favorite appetizers as dinners. Sometimes, that’s the only way to watch the big game. What will you be doing tonight during the Big Game?

The groundhog saw his shadow today. Oh, F-U-D-G-E.

I realized this week that my blogging anniversay came and went this past week. I’ve been doing this now for five years. Five. Wow. The fact that it snuck up on me is a great sign that I still love what I do. I have honestly never felt any desire to quite, cut back, or fall into a slump. I must be doing something correctly, and I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been doing. Here’s another five years or more!

Reviewed this week:

Time to watch the game and the commercials and eat some good food. Have a great Sunday!

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