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Happy Sunday! We have just another lazy day around the house. The dogs are sleeping. Jim and I are cuddled under blankets watching a movie, Connor is playing outside, and Holly is working through her homework. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Last weekend, Jim and I hit the Chicago Auto Show. This has become a tradition for us, as our first visit was one of our first dates twenty years ago. We haven’t been able to go every since we’ve been together, but it is something we try to attend whenever we can. We always have a good time there, looking at the shiny new automobiles, checking out the latest trends, newest technology, and daydreaming about owning the more expensive brands. I know it isn’t for everyone, but we always enjoy ourselves. This year was a great time and a wonderful way to spend some time together.

 We spent last Saturday in Chicago, headed home and went to our first Harley event of the year. It was a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy. We didn’t win the grand prize trip to Hawaii, but it was nice to spend time with our friends and talk about all of the rides we are going to take together as soon as winter loosens her hold on the area.

Thing are moving along for the kids. Connor and Jim met with Connor’s counselor and developed his class list for his Sophomore year already. Connor will be playing in this year’s solo and ensemble contest this coming Saturday, and track season is rapidly approaching.

Meanwhile, Holly is working feverishly on her six dances for her three recitals this year. There are evenings where she can barely keep her eyes open after dance class, but if she had her way, she would add one more class to her schedule and would attend class in spite of being sick all day. Her grades are better than her brother’s, she always has her homework done before class, and never has a problem getting ready each morning. Both Jim and I are amazed and proud at her commitment and enthusiasm and cannot wait to see her perform this June.

I’ve been reading up a storm, but I have to say that among the books I reviewed within the last two weeks are two of my favorite books of the year. If the rest of 2014 provides similarly amazing books, it is going to be one hell of a year.

And with that, I’ve got a family dinner to prepare and more relaxing to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and even better week!

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