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Good morning! Brrrrr….

Yes, we are hitting arctic temperatures for the next two days. The last time we faced these low temperatures (negative teens with wind chills in the negative forties to fifties range), Jim and I were in our junior year at Wisconsin. I have never forgotten having to bundle up and walk as quickly as possible across campus to get to class. The kids have already received the announcement that there will not be school tomorrow. I guess people’s hardiness has changed in eighteen years. Or else Jim and I are just that kick-ass.

Our New Year’s Eve was wonderful. We hosted a small gathering of neighbors and finally got a chance to spend time with them outside of the obligatory hand waves and small chit-chat on walks. The kids managed to stay awake past midnight (although Holly passed out on the living room floor at 12:05 AM), and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Granted, I was expecting more to attend, so I had WAY too much food. I guess it is better than not having enough. Still, it was a wonderful way to usher in the new year.

Speaking of new year, Jim we can’t have a new year without a new car. After our trip to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving in which we had to take two cars to fit the dogs, kids, and luggage, we opted to go bigger. On Monday, we traded in my Honda Crosstour for a 2014 Toyota 4-Runner. I’ll admit that as much as I loved my Crosstour, the idea of being able to fit everyone and everything in one vehicle is too nice to ignore. Also? The 4WD definitely came in handy this week with all of the snow and ice we have.

Jim and I ended the week by having to go back to work. It’s amazing how little I was motivated to do anything once I arrived at the office. Next week with its first full week in the office is going to be rough. I’m not going to know what to do with myself!

Jennifer at The Relentless Reader had a fabulous idea last year in which she mapped everywhere she “went” via books. By the time I saw her map, I was already too many books into the year and could never have caught up. I never forgot the idea though, so this year I made sure I started out mapping my “travels” from day one. I’ll be updating the map as I read, but for now, I present to you “My Travels Through Books 2014”. Enjoy!

My Travels Through Books 2014

Reviewed last week:

Speaking of books, I’m in the middle of yet another great one right now. I’ve got my blanket, a fireplace, lots of tea and coffee, and warm socks. Bring on the sub-zero temperatures. I am ready.

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