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Good morning, my darlings!! Did you survive the polar vortex? Are you tired of talking about the polar vortex? I know I am. Thankfully, the weather-that-shall-not-be-named is now past, and we have moved into a more normal weather pattern for this area at this time of year. It’s cold but manageable. We have snow, we have freezing rain. We pretty much have it all these last few days. Who knew normal could feel so good?

This was the first full week back to work and school for all of us, and I can safely say that it was a long, long week. Well, the kids did not have school for the first two days of the week because of the weather-that-shall-not-be-named, but Holly had all but one dance class this week for the first time in three weeks. Between that and the early mornings, I have never seen her so worn out by the end of the day. Connor was busy finishing up projects and assignments as he enters his first round of finals this upcoming week. There weren’t too many late nights on his part, but he was cramming in the homework from the moment he got home until we sent him to bed.

Jim was the lucky one this week. His company employs a weird fiscan year pattern, so his year actually ended before Christmas. He spent Friday looking at Google Maps and finding all the places we could dig to from our backyard. Meanwhile, my fiscal year ended with the calendar, so I have been busy scrubbing the books and researching every single transaction for potential audit issues. This situation is not going to end any time soon, so while Jim is enjoying some rare downtime at work, I continue to work long hours crammed with endless spreadsheets and journal transactions.

Outside of work, school, and dance classes, our life is fairly calm these days – yet another reason to love the winter months. Jim leaves later today for a week-long trip back to California, but this is now just a monthly trip rather than a weekly one. He will return on Friday, and we can enjoy the weekend – and the lack of activities – together. We are definitely in a lull period between the holidays and track season and before Holly’s dance schedule really picks up as the recital dates draw closer. It is so wonderful to enjoy the peace of the year.

Books reviewed this week:

Speaking of peace, I am going to enjoy some by watching the birds gorge themselves on my birdfeeders as the dogs and the kids sleep. Have a great Sunday and an even better week!

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