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Hola! Hopefully, you are keeping warm this fine Sunday morning. We were in the single digits this morning and did not break out of the low teens yesterday at all. It was a perfect day for finishing up the seasonal decorating, so that’s exactly what we did. The tree is up, the stockings are hanging on the mantel. I suppose this means that I need to break out the cookie recipes next.

I am happy to report that the acquisition project that has kept Jim in California for most of the year is now essentially over. The final transition occurred last week, and he is hoping that other than a few trips to tie up loose ends he is done traveling so extensively. It is not the end of his business travels, but it should be the end of the week-long or month-long trips. Perhaps this means that 2014 will be our first “normal” year as a family.

We are now in my busy season. I have already had my annual inventory trip to Mexico and will be hitting the other two plants over the next two weeks. Between that and preparing for next year’s audit, ’tis the season for cramming as much work as possible in the remaining days of the year. It’s a good thing Jim will be home now because I see some long hours in my future.

Speaking of the season, last week was the last Badger home game. It means we finally have free weekends for the first time since August. Phew. That is me heaving a HUGE sigh of relief. It has been a fun and intense few months, but I am really excited about the possibility of a long and quiet winter. Besides, it means more time to read!


Enjoy your last day of the weekend and the week to come. Relax, nap, read, and most importantly, stay warm!

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