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Happy Sunday! If you are like us, the winter weather is definitely upon us, even though we technically have one more month until the official first day of winter. Snow flurries, some light dustings, bitterly cold weather – ’tis the season, I guess. The only good thing is that it makes it easier to accept the fact that Thanksgiving is this week.

While the high school fall season is over, Jim is still traveling back and forth to California every week, and Wisconsin football is still going strong. We have been very fortunate that the weather has been relatively warmish for us. We have one more home game this upcoming Saturday. I suspect we might be experiencing our first extremely cold game. Bring on the layers!

Now that the holidays are upon us, this means it is my busy season. I spent the latter half of this week in Mexico for the first of the three annual inventory counts this year. It is good to have one done, but that still does not make me excited for the other two. I’m more excited about the vacation time I’m using this week. A one-day work week does wonders to make one excited about a busy schedule.

Reviewed this month:

I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Sunday and Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time off if you have it, time with your family, good food, good sales, and plenty of reading time. 😉

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