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I’m back, my darlings! The last few weekends have been a huge blur, mostly because we are trying to maximize our time together, end up running all over the state for high school football, college football, and cross-country meets and because Jim is only home for 36 hours these days. I am definitely not complaining though. The weather has been gorgeous, and we have been having a lot of fun doing all the things. I do love this time of year.

Honestly, the rest of the past few weeks have been relatively boring. I spend way too much time in the car shuttling kids back and forth to all of their activities. Work keeps me busy during the day, and we usually don’t get home from dance or marching band practice until 8 or 9. As you can imagine, the days pass very, very quickly.

Connor has been doing wonderful in cross-country. He’s improved his time by 11 minutes and is practicing with the varsity team now. Depending on how the varsity team did at today’s meet, there is a good chance he will run on the varsity team at next week’s meet. Either way, he is the in the top two runners for the JV team and keeps getting better. We are SO proud of him and love watching him run.

Marching band has been awesome too even if it was a little surreal sitting at a high school football game for your son. The band, even though it is small, is quite impressive. Their competition season starts in October, so it will be interesting to see how they fare against other schools. Still, it has been a blast watching them perform and even better getting back into high school football games.

Holly is loving her five dance classes, even if they have her falling sleep on the way home every night. She has become quite the little dancer at home and frequently busts a move to music on the radio. I am really looking forward to her recitals in June because I can already see how much she has improved since last year. It has definitely been a fun school year so far, and it only just started!

Books reviewed recently:

It’s been fun, but Jim is leaving in a few short hours. I need to spend more time with him. Have a great Sunday and even better week. Happy reading!

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