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Happy Sunday, my darlings!! Have you missed me? I never intended to take off the last few Sundays but to say things have been busy in the Shannon household is a bit of an understatement. I know, I know. When is it not crazy in this household, right? It just seems that these past few weeks have been even more jam-packed than usual. So, how have I been spending my time lately? Here are some of the highlights.

Connor experienced his first marching band camp. It was a week long and meant having to pick him up at 10 PM each night for that week. He still loves marching band. I’m definitely over it. Since then, he has had practice every Monday for a few hours. Of course, they are at the same time as one of Holly’s dance classes, giving me yet another reason to dread Mondays.

My darling bestie, Julie, celebrated her birthday at the beginning of August. If it weren’t for the simple fact that we definitely have separate birthdays, I would say we were separated at birth!I was so honored to be able to attend, as she really has become one of the people who has kept me sane these many months. To celebrate with her,ย I snuck out of the house and got to spend a girls’ night out with her in Illinois. It was a great night and a welcome respite from everything else.

Holly’s birthday has come and gone. My girl is now nine years old. This year, she wanted a sleepover party with her friends. Her friends are lovely girls, and they were all surprisingly quiet throughout the night. It was fun to see her in a social setting and see how she acts when we aren’t there.

School registration is now over. If you remember from last year, the school district requires registration in person. This year, even though they did offer online registration, we still had to stand in line for the kids to take their school pictures and for Connor to get his schedule for the year. It beat standing in line for two hours, but it still sucks that we have to take a day off just to head to the school to make sure they can attend classes for the year.

After her dance recital and seeing what some of the other girls were doing, Holly decided she wanted to try out to become part of the competition dance team at her studio. She gave it her all, but unfortunately, she did not make the team. She was understandably upset, but to her credit, she talked with the team coach to find out why she didn’t make it and how she can improve. She also convinced me to let her sign up for five dance classes this year. I’d say she is definitely showing her commitment to dancing.

If that weren’t enough, Connor starts cross-country tomorrow. He has two-a-day practices for this week, and his first meet is on the 28th. He’s excited and nervous. I’m just trying to figure out how to get him to and from practices that occur in the middle of the freaking work day.

Jim has, of course, been traveling throughout all of this. He’s had out-of-town meetings, trips back to California, and several other reasons to spend the night in a hotel. It’s made things just that much tougher, especially with doctors’ appointments, school meetings, and other odds and ends. And then there is work. I knew things would be bad this month, since it is our first official month trying to close the books after we purchased a smaller company. What I didn’t consider is that it would be the middle of the month and I would still be putting in 11-hour days. I leave for work at 6:30 AM and have been struggling to get Holly to dance classes that start at 6 PM. It has been a brutal schedule, but I’m hoping for a bit of a breather this week.

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Since there is no rest for the weary, today Jim and I will be going on a motorcycle trip with our neighbors/friends to a regional winery. I’m looking forward to getting out into the fresh air and relaxing for a few hours with good company. And wine. You can never go wrong with wine.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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