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Happy Sunday, my lovely friends! The sun is shining; the weather is finally summer weather. And the mosquitoes have descended. It was too good to last.

You would think that summer would mean relaxing, right? I say summer is for getting out there and having fun. We had all sorts of fun activities this week and into the weekend. I figure I go to work to relax these days.

The week started out with Connor’s last marching band practice. He marched in two parades on the Fourth of July. In those polyester wool blend uniforms and a wool beret and carrying a tuba, you can imagine how drenched with sweat and exhausted he was. It looked like he had fun, as he was all serious when I yelled his name and tried to embarrass him get his attention when he marched past – in as loving a manner as possible of course! He now has three weeks off before the marching band season kicks off in earnest with a week-long band/drill camp. I’m sure he is going to enjoy the break.

Jim came home one day last week and asked if I wanted to be in a kickball tournament. He caught me when I was distracted by something, so I said yes. It turns out that it was an adults-only kickball tournament and would last Friday AND Saturday. I haven’t played kickball in more decades than I want to admit, so it was with trepidation that Jim and I took the field with neighbors of ours (the ones who invited us) who have been playing in a kickball league for the past few years. I was especially nervous because no one was drinking. I figured there would be a cooler of beer somewhere, right? Not so! It turns out that kickball for adults is quite the summer activity around here with multiple leagues in the various towns in the area. They play honest-to-goodness positions and use strategy. It is intimidating, but I had an absolute blast. Our team won on Friday night, giving us at least two extra games on Saturday.

As if an entire weekend devoted to kickball was not enough, Jim and I are heading out to Milwaukee for yet another Brewers’ game today. We are taking Jim’s two coworkers. Born and raised in India, they have never experienced the fun of a live baseball game, so we are going to have fun teaching them the basics. It looks like it is going to be a hot one, but I consider that perfect baseball weather.

Reviewed this week:

I also posted a recap of the year through June. Suffice it to say, it has been a great year so far!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and relaxing Sunday. Happy reading!

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