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Happy Sunday, everyone! We are officially in the dog days of summer. No baseball game for us this weekend, but we do have guests in the form of Jim’s oldest sister, her husband, and their youngest daughter. Our niece just graduated college and is starting her first adult job as consultant for Deloitte living in Chicago. We are so excited for her and wish her well!

Speaking of baseball game, last week’s game saw us in great seats. Such great seats that we were on TV every time the cameras did a close-up on the batters. I wish I would have known that because I might not have played with my phone quite as much. 🙂

Our break from dance class was nice while it lasted. Holly started back up with more ballet, tap and now lyricals – which is like jazz but with bigger movements. I don’t know. I do know she loves it.

Reviewed this week:

The big news that broke last night was the fact that Ms. Jo Rowling wrote another book, but she didn’t tell anyone about it! I read it and really enjoyed it – and that was before I found out that Robert Galbraith was Ms. Rowling. I have a feeling that this book was now going to become very, very popular. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did!

It is time for me to play hostess and enjoy the visit from family. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!

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