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Hello, my friends! How are you this fine Sunday? We had a thirty degree swing in temperatures between yesterday and today. I like the lack of humidity and sweat-inducing temperatures, but it would be much nicer were the sun shining. I shouldn’t complain though when I think about last year’s drought and record heat wave and watch the news about the weather in Oklahoma lately. It could always be worse, right?
Since I last stopped by to share all the news that is fit to print, I’ve been to Mexico and back on yet another business trip. It seemed longer than normal this time. The novelty of it, I fear, is losing its lustre. Between the 100-degree heat when we arrived (coming from the mid-60s), the dust storms, and the very poor air conditions, this visit was not the most pleasant. I really struggled with the heat and the air quality and found myself out of sorts for the entire trip. I did have company this time around, so that was a bonus. We managed to get a lot accomplished and had fun while doing it. I can cross that trip off the list for another quarter!
Memorial Day weekend saw us spending that Sunday at our first major league baseball game of the season. I do love baseball, and I love attending baseball games. The weather could have been warmer, but the rain held off until we were in the car on the way home. We all received bobblehead dolls of one of the players, and we had a blast tailgating with friends before the game. The kids are actually excited to attend another game. You can’t have summer without baseball, so this makes me very happy!
On this past Tuesday, Connor officially became a teenager. Oy. We knew he had been growing very quickly, as seen by the fact that jeans we purchased before spring break in March are now too small for him. I don’t think we were prepared to see him having shot up another two inches in three months. He is now just one inch shy of me and closing that gap quickly. At this rate of growth, he might be taller than Jim by his next birthday!
This week is the last week of school. I think both of the kids are finding it somewhat bittersweet, as they both start a new school next fall, and that is scary. Holly will be entering the intermediate school for fourth grade, and Connor will be a freshman in high school. Before then, though, we have moving ahead ceremonies, class picnics, class field trips and three full days of school. I think we are all ready to relax a bit and not have to run around to millions of practices this summer. Then again, marching band practice starts up the Monday after school ends, so there really is no rest for the weary.
Books reviewed since the last Sunday Salon:
Well, my lovelies. I have a cake in the oven, laundry in the dryer, and lots of emails staring at me. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Happy reading!
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