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Happy Summer, everyone! I can say that now that we have officially passed the summer solstice. Of course, the day after we do, our humidity climbs into the 90 percent range and temperatures jump up as well. Then again, it would not be summer without warm, humid days. 
This week was MUCH calmer, thank goodness. Nothing but marching band practice and that’s about it. I honestly did not know what to do with myself. Considering how exhausted I was all week long, I obviously was not adjusting well to a more relaxed schedule. This week, I have to register Holly for her summer dance classes, so we will see how much that relaxing schedule will change after the Fourth of July holiday. 
Yesterday saw us at Jim’s company picnic. We had some nasty storms on Friday night, complete with flooding, but we thought nothing of it as we walked up to the picnic area. Then we saw the plywood that had been strategically placed around the sign-in area and the beer tent. One step onto the grassy area towards the tents, and we knew why people were walking around without their shoes. The grass was completely flooded and on its way to becoming a muddy mess. Each step saw our feet submerging into cold, muddy water. It was uncomfortable and just crazy. It is a shame too because the company really did go all out for the picnic. They had so much food, enough for triple the amount of people who actually came. The catering company they hired even came in costume since the theme was Pirates. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for next year’s event.

Image: Polish Sausage Bobblehead

Jim is heading back to California for a week, but before he goes, we are spending the afternoon at Miller Park for another Brewers’ baseball game. Today is Polish Heritage Day, and since 50 percent of my DNA is also of Polish decent, it was a game I could not miss. That and the Polish Sausage bobblehead. It’s all about priorities. 
My switch to and self-hosting is getting closer. I’ve been working with Kayleen from Booyah Creative all week on the redesign, and we are almost ready to start the transfer. In fact, we are talking about doing it some time this week. Yikes! I’m excited and nervous. It helps that Kayleen has been SO awesome through this whole thing, being incredibly patient with all my stupid questions and utter cluelessness. The redesign is just gorgeous and exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. I cannot wait to show it off to everyone. In the meantime, stay tuned for any further announcements. 
Reviewed this week:
Now I have to go get ready to cheer on my Brewers. Have a great Sunday and happy reading!
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