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Happy Sunday! It seems that my summer is going to end up being just as busy as the school year. I don’t know how it happened, but I am actually a bit scared when I look at my calendar for the next month. I guess I am just one of those people who likes a full schedule since I keep doing this to myself. 
Image: Connor finishing his first half-marathon.
Run, Connor, run!
So where was I last week? Watching Connor run his first half-marathon with his dad! Ever since Connor started showing an interest in and talent for long-distance running, Jim has been very anxiously awaiting the day when Connor would be old enough to start running in long races with him. He has been searching for any half-marathon that would allow thirteen-year-olds to run. Tomahawk, Wisconsin had one last weekend that was small enough that it did not have an age restriction, so we hiked up there after work last Friday. Saturday morning was rainy and cold – thunder accompanied the runners as they started, and the rain and 50-degree temperatures kept them cool. Connor was the youngest runner in the race and ended up placing 15th among every runner in the half-marathon with a time of 1 hour 44 minutes. More importantly, he beat his dad by 15 minutes. This was after not having run in over three weeks. To say we are proud is an understatement. Is it too soon to start thinking college scholarships?
We put this school year to rest last week as well. They did really well considering they were still adjusting to our new house when school started and had to face life as the new kids in school. It was an interesting year with our school-issued iPad battles, balancing homework and extracurricular activities, bullies, and making new friends. They succeeded though and now have the summer to relax and rest before they both enter new schools again next year – high school for Connor and intermediate school for Holly. The kids have plenty of activities to keep them entertained this summer though. Marching band practices, running camps, summer dance classes, and band camp will still have to do our fair share of chauffeuring after work, but I cannot deny them the opportunity to continue to improve in their chosen hobbies. What can I say? We all like staying busy!

Image: Holly in her tap dance costume for her 2013 variety show performanceImage: Holly as a Lost Boy in her 2013 ballet production

Speaking of dance classes, Holly performed in her ballet and variety show this weekend. She did SO well. She was a Lost Boy in this year’s production of Peter Pan. She was on stage quite a bit, and you could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself – even if she said she felt sick to her stomach while there. She performed in two dances for the variety show, one for her tap class and one for her jazz class. I don’t know when she became so talented, but she blew me away with her poise and confidence. I can’t wait to see what she does next year!

Reviewed within the last two weeks:
I recently received a beautiful note from Gwenyfar from Old Books on Front Street, an independent bookstore in Wilmington, North Carolina. As the manager, she has been reaching out to book reviewers/bloggers who promote independent bookstores to thank them for doing so. I was touched by her note because it seems like such a little thing to promote indie bookstores, but it obviously means a great deal to those who own and/or manage such stores. They have been upping their Internet presence in recent months and are hoping that by connecting with book bloggers, they will drive interest in their store and help their customers as well. She recently unveiled a new series on the store’s website that features such bloggers, and I was honored that they chose me. My Q&A for their Tantalizing Tuesdays: Reviewer Spotlight feature went live this week. Please take a few moments to check out my answers and to take a look at this adorable bookstore. I know I will be finding a reason to visit Wilmington soon to check it out in real life!
Because I spent more hours than I want to admit at the theater for tech and dress rehearsals for Holly’s dances, I have had no time to sit down and relax (or answer email, doing paperwork, running laundry, cleaning, or cooking). I am now going to take advantage of a rare empty, nothing-scheduled day and tackle the list of things I couldn’t touch during the week. I hope everyone has a productive and relaxing Sunday. Happy reading!
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