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So? What do you think? Do things look a little different?

What you should notice, in addition to the new design, is the fact that I no longer am using IntenseDebate for my commenting system. I have been wanting to get off of that system for a while now and gladly used the platform switch as an opportunity to do so. It was a tremendous pain in the arse and the one main glitch we had during this entire project, but I am relieved to have a good, easier-to-use commenting system.

What you should not notice is any interruptions with your feed. We have set up the site to automatically redirect from Blogger, and we transferred my FeedBlitz feed as well. Please let me know if you do not see my posts showing up in your feed reader.

Booyah Creative LogoI need to give a HUGE shout-out to Kayleen from Booyah Creative. She is my hero. Not only did she come up with this design on her first attempt, she patiently weeded through way too many comments to find the one post in four years that was causing problems in the IntenseDebate comments transfer. She has been just great in answering my questions, helping me gain access to elements of Blogger I didn’t know I had, and helping me stay calm through this intimidating transfer. I may have a bit of a girl crush on her because she is so awesome. I cannot recommend her highly enough, but I know without a doubt that if you are looking for a redesign or looking to switch platforms, Kayleen is definitely your woman.

I will be adding plug-ins and making changes as I get familiar and comfortable with WP. Please be patient while I work through this.

As always, with something this big, there is bound to be some bugs. Kayleen and I think we found them all, but if you see anything wonky, please let me know. In addition, if you have any suggestions for plug-ins or feedback, I would love to know your thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy the new design, and welcome to That’s What She Read on WordPress!

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