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Good morning, everyone! To all mothers out there, I hope you are being spoiled rotten. It is the least they can do for having had to deal with the indignity of pregnancy as well as the horrifying pains of labor and delivery. Right?
I’m kicking back today, catching up on all my neglected written and online correspondence. I have no idea what the kids have planned for me today but I’m sure it will be good whatever it is. I do plan on settling in with a book or two. Perhaps a nap is in order as well. Who knows? That’s what Sundays are all about anyway!
Jim’s home for the next week, which is a good thing, as the calendar is definitely getting more full with the big push towards the end of the school year. New school orientations, meetings, rehearsals, and so much more are keeping us all busier than ever. Not to mention the work to the yard that we now have to maintain. It is definitely more than one person can handle. 
Did you happen to see that I was featured on Book Bloggers International this week?
Reviewed this week:
I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, as I want to make sure everyone gets the chance to spend today with their mothers or mothers of their children. Have a great day, everyone. Happy Mother’s Day!
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