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Image: The Sunday Salon

Hola, Chickas and Chicos!  How is everyone this fine Sunday? Spring allergies have felled me once again this year. While my eyes haven’t quite swollen completely shut, but they are definitely puffy and horribly itchy. Allergy eye drops, Benedryl and Allegra are keeping me sane if lethargic. I’ll be glad when all the trees stop blooming, even though they are truly beautiful to behold, especially after our ridiculously long winter.
We knew the fun had to end sometime. Jim is heading back to California tonight, and I am going down to Mexico again tomorrow morning. My dad is a glutton for punishment lifesaver and going to watch the kids while we are gone. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the planning of these trips, as we opted to minimize how much time we are apart, but even then he is definitely in for a crazy week. He gets to look forward to late arrivals for school, three field trips, three dance classes, and some ongoing home improvement projects that our neighbor/contractor will be working on in the evenings. And yes, this was the BEST week for us to travel. Go figure.
The end of school craziness has reached a fever pitch. Between increased dance classes as Holly prepares for the recitals in June, new school orientations for both Connor and Holly, field trips, concerts, meetings for marching band and fall sports, and who knows what else, insanely busy doesn’t even begin to cover it. What’s worse is that school ends on June 7th, and Connor starts marching band practice on June 10th. So much for summer, eh?
Reviewed this week:
Speaking of home improvement projects, the work continues today, and I should probably make sure I am helping. We are finally turning our screened porch into a true four-seasons room. I cannot wait to see it completed. Since we have been preparing for this all winter, the furniture in that room has been somewhat neglected, and we haven’t been enjoying the porch as much as we want. That all ends as soon as it is finished, which should be this week. I’m so excited!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and a great weekend. Have a good week and happy reading!
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