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Image: The Sunday Salon

Hola! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I don’t know about you, but days like today make me happy to be alive. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The temperatures are comfortable. The house is clean, and we are spending the day puttering around the house. These are the reasons why I love spring and the weekends. 
Since Google announced its decision to delete Google Reader and with the latest announcement that it is merging its commenting system with Google+, I have felt very uncomfortable with continuing with the Blogger platform. Since Google owns my content, who knows what changes they are next going to implement? Given how big Blogger is, I don’t think anything is going to happen, but I just do not like the changes Google keeps making. So, I think I have made the very big decision to move my site to WordPress. This is not a decision that I undertook lightly, but it feels right. I am in talks with a designer who will move everything for me and help design a new look to go with my new site. I don’t envision this being a quick transition by any means, but I wanted to give you a heads-up that things will be changing, hopefully for the better. I promise to give everyone adequate time to switch over their feeds and make the necessary changes so that you don’t miss anything. 
It’s a big week here in the Shannon household. Namely, this is the week in which I graced everyone’s presence. Wednesday is my birthday, and I have learned not to expect any big to-do, the day still fills me with excitement. Granted, Jim will be out of town until Wednesday and I do have to work, but birthdays are always special days, no matter what age you are turning. 
I’ve been kicking ass and taking names with finishing books this week. This means keeping up with all the necessary reviews. This week, I reviewed the following:
I also gave an update about my year-to-date stats. So far, so good on meeting my unofficial goals!
I’m keeping this short and sweet this week because the weather is just too beautiful to stay at a computer. I hope everyone is experiencing similarly lovely weather and has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Happy reading! 
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