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Good morning, my lovelies! I’m back! Did you miss me? We had an absolutely wonderful vacation, and then we came home to me getting a nasty chest cold. Between recovering from being gone for a week, adjusting to being back at work, and the beginning of track season, I was fairly useless for the better part of a week and spent last weekend recovering as much as possible. I’m feeling better now, even if I did pass it on to the kids. I figure it is a little slice of payback after all those times they got me sick.
Yes, vacation was just what the doctor ordered. We spent time in Laguna Beach, Seal Beach, Sunland, Hollywood, Disneyland, and San Diego. The weather was gorgeous for all but our last day. That didn’t stop the kids (and Jim) from swimming in the Pacific. We explored the coast, walked miles and immersed ourselves in Disney, spent time in the beautiful San Diego Zoo and had some magical moments with the pandas and orangutans while there, ate some truly wonderful food, and reveled in the lack of computers. Like all vacations, it had to end, and I have to admit that as glorious as that warm weather felt, I was ready to come back home. I missed my house and my dogs and even my bed.
As I mentioned, the week we came back was the beginning of track season. This adds a wonderful new  time-consuming stop in what is quickly becoming Michelle’s taxi. With Holly’s dance, Mondays and Tuesdays are particularly hairy; I calculated that I spend two hours in the car in the afternoons on both of those days picking up and dropping off at various locations. The season is short though, as there are only 40 more days of school left (yes, the kids are already counting down to summer vacation), so this should be a blip of the radar soon enough. Although it does make me nervous when we experience high school sports in August.
Speaking of track, two weeks into the season, and Connor seems to be injured. An x-ray at the urgent care did not reveal any fracture, but he can barely put on his shoe and definitely cannot walk without limping, let alone run on it. He has had some help with resting it thanks to the weather, but I suspect there will be another doctor’s visit in our future soon enough at an office that specializes in foot injuries.
Speaking of weather, I learned that I should definitely be careful, or at least more specific, when I wish for something. Before we left for California, all I wanted was to come back home and not see any more snow. I did get that wish, but I really should have wished for spring-like temperatures. It has rained for the better part of a week, causing flooding in low-lying areas and making ground that was already damp thanks to the melted snow become an absolute swamp. Adding to that miserableness is the utter lack of warm weather. Yesterday, we even saw snow flurries again. Ugh. I am SO over winter and would even take fifty degrees if only the sun would come out and dry everything.
Because I haven’t been around for the last few Sundays, here is what I reviewed since my last TSS:
I’m going to let you all get back to your families now. For my own part, Jim is leaving again this afternoon to head back to California for work. I can’t complain because he has been home for the past two weeks. Just like vacations, all good things must come to an end. Sad really that I have to say that about my husband working from home rather than in another state. 
Have a great Sunday, everyone!
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