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I haven’t done an Inside Michelle’s Brain in a while, so I thought I would share with you the thoughts that rattle around in my brain when I should be doing something more productive.

    Image: Bodice Ripper

  • What make the best sex scenes: the highly unrealistic bodice ripper sex scenes where the women are ravished and love it or the more realistic, slightly awkward funny sex scenes where people actually struggle to get their clothes off? (I totally blame Molly Harper for this one as her male character never got around to taking off his socks.)
Image: High Tea
  • English novels make me hungry. I thought it was just a Dickens thing (I dare you to read Pickwick Papers without wanting something to eat) but now I’m convinced it is just English novels in general. We really did ourselves a disservice when we dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor and dissed the production that is High Tea, and I think we should start a petition to bring it back to the States.
  • Are classics literary fiction?
Image: Sleeping while reading
  • Speaking of lit fic, is it really meant to awe and inspire you or just confuse the hell out of you? Does anyone ever understand it? Is it a genre that you can truly enjoy, or are there only select novels which resonate?
Please discuss! I would love to see what you think about these very bizarre and random thoughts.
Oh, and have a Fabulous Friday!!
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