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Good morning, my lovelies! I’m back in the land of snow and cold. Those three days in the desert plains of central Mexico, with its sun and 80-degree weather was absolutely heavenly, even if I was there for work and by myself. This trip was the complete opposite of the last time I traveled to Mexico by myself, and I had a great week. It helps that I missed yet another snowstorm at home while I was gone. Hehe.

Jim manned the fort in my absence, which afforded the kids a great opportunity to spend some much-needed alone time with their father and give him a taste of what I have to go through in his absence. Everyone was still healthy and happy and the house was still standing when I came back, so I would say that it was a success.

On the school front, Connor started his testing for high school. In spite of having skipped a grade AND standardized test scores through the roof AND straight As, in order to be able to take honors classes in high school, he has to take two more standardized tests and one writing test. We have no doubts that he will do well and feel that this is a formality more than anything else. Still, none of us are happy about it, but it is a great lesson for him that sometimes you have to do things that are stupid and redundant.

You all know I love my family, love my house, and have even begun to love my job. I know am so fortunate for everything with which I have been blessed. Yet, sometimes I wonder if there is someone playing a trick on us. Jim and I cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to doing things that we really want to do together, sans kids. First, it was our long-planned trip to Ireland that was supposed to happen last summer. The move took care of those plans. Then, it was a weekend getaway for the Chicago Auto Show. Not only was the auto show our second date so many years ago, lending it an air of nostalgia, but Jim feels about the auto show the way I feel about bookstores. It is his Mecca, the one thing he tries to attend every year. Unfortunately, it was a lack of a babysitter for the kids that threw those plans out the window. This week was supposed to be a trip to Minneapolis to see Muse in concert. We bought these tickets months ago, floor tickets so that I could finally get as close to the stage as I wanted. Sadly, when I put in for time off to go to the concert, I was told that we “would have to wait and see” since it is month-end, and I need to be at work to finish the financial reports for the month. In my mind, this means the answer is no, even though I wish she would have just said it in the first place. I could have told my manager why I wanted the time off, but what good would that do? I know that month-end is a sacred time for accountants, even though I bought the tickets before I had this job. What’s worse is that even if she would say yes, it is now too late for Jim to ask off for two days and for us to round up someone to watch the kids. So now, I get the pain of knowing I could have seen my favorite band in the whole wide world on Thursday and have gotten some much-needed alone time with Jim but won’t. Even worse is the fact that the tickets are nonrefundable AND nontransferable, so I can’t even sell them to offset the money I spent. Sometimes, life really does suck. I hope this means that things will get better soon, right?

On a happier note, February was a great month for me. How did you do?

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Not much else is going on in Shannon Teach. Today will be spent like almost every other Sunday, cleaning, running errands, reading, and relaxing. Nothing exciting, but sometimes there is peace and tranquility in the mundane. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!
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