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Top ‘o the morning to ya! What are your St. Patrick’s Day festivities today?

In case you completely missed the news, like I normally do, we have a new pope – Pope Francis I. While I am absolutely thrilled that the cardinals finally chose a non-European pope, I cannot help but remain concerned about everything else about the new pontiff. Not only is he 76 years old, he has one lung. The pressures of the office are not going to do him any favors. In addition, he is extremely conservative, having caused more than one kerfuffle among the Brazilians with his stances on popular controversial topics. My fear is that the College of Cardinals are going to pat themselves on the back for selecting the first Pope from outside of Europe and then use that to prove how progressive they are. My thoughts are we have a long way to go before the Catholic Church could ever be deemed even remotely progressive. It will be interesting to see how Pope Francis guides the Church in the months and years to come.

Was anyone as surprised as I was by Google’s announcement they are ending Google Reader? Does this seem particularly concerning to anyone else? We’ve been expecting the demise of Feedburner for a while, but it seems that Google skipped over that little function and went right for the big guns. Are they seriously expecting the millions of people who use Reader to switch to Google+? I was actually thinking of deleting my account with Google+, not move all of my subscriptions to it. So, like the rest of you, I need to find a new RSS reader. Have you found any good ones?

Calling all SoCal bloggers! I’m on the hunt for a good blogger meet-up. Want to join me?

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I hope everyone has a safe and fun St. Paddy’s Day!

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