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Good morning, my darlings! Can I say I really dislike daylight savings time? This springing ahead of the clocks is for the birds, as I was already waking up when it was light outside and the sun wasn’t setting until much later in the evenings. Now, in addition to sleep deprivation, I have to fight with the kids about the sun and bedtimes from now until November. Yuck.

Did you see the big news? Jen from Devourer of Books and Nicole from Linus’s Blanket have brainstormed yet another project. This time, their brainchild is Bloggers Recommend – a takeoff of Indie Reads where bloggers are the ones to select the best upcoming books. They have the best tagline, “The hottest books. The bloggers you trust.” The advisory board of trusted bloggers crosses all genres and writing styles, and somehow, Jen and Nicole felt I was among the trusted bloggers and asked to include me among the advisory board. I feel so honored and can’t wait to share some of my favorite upcoming books with the wider Interwebz. If you haven’t already done so, please check out their website and sign up for the monthly newsletter!

We hit another childhood milestone – no more baby teeth for Connor! His last two baby teeth were wedged between his adult teeth and ended up having to get them pulled. Actually, he struggled with the last eight of them and has actually had to have four of his baby teeth pulled by the dentist.  Thank goodness that is over. Now we can get to the business of determining whether he will need braces.

I managed to make it through the week, as depressing as it was. The foot of snow we ended up getting on Tuesday was a decent distraction, and then we had one of our friends from Cincinnati visiting the home office and came over for dinner on Thursday. It is always wonderful to see anyone from our old place of employment, and it always makes me feel better about being so lonely up here when they do visit.

The weekend is slowly seeing the snow melt. It is going to take a while considering it is piled higher than our house in some spots. The gloomy 40-degree weather isn’t exactly wonderful, but at least it means we are one step closer to spring. I think I can unequivocally say I am ready for warmer weather.

Jim leaves tomorrow for the rest of the month, so we will be spending the day relaxing, getting him packed, and enjoying each other’s company. Of course, as he leaves, the kids’ school activities heat back up before spring break at the end of March, so it always makes for an interesting work week.

Reviewed this week:

And I’m off to read and relax. I have to get in my cuddle time before my man leaves, and with the fog and drizzle, it is the perfect weather for it. Have a wonderful Sunday!
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