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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Are you excited? I’m not. I love football, but neither of these teams really interests me. The commercials have been so lackluster in past years that I’m really not looking forward to them either. As for the halftime show, I like Beyonce but I’m ambivalent about her too. I will, however, be on Twitter to read all of the sarcastic comments that people post on big events like this. Often, Twitter is more entertaining than the event itself. Still, I know I will watch it because it is football and the biggest game of the year. My love of football is greater than my ambivalence towards the entire spectacle, it seems.

If football is not your thing, check out The Big Game’s On Readathon – a great alternative to watching grown men tackle each other over a small piece of pigskin.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor, although I am not certain she and I think the same things are funny. Her latest prank? Gracing us with 60 degree weather and an honest-to-goodness thunderstorm for one day and then allowing us to wake up the next day to a full-blown winter storm with four inches of snow on top of a decent sheet of ice followed by another round of arctic (meaning temperatures in the single digits) weather. Fun times indeed.

The beauty about living in Wisconsin though is that the people in this state DO know how to drive in wintry weather. Even though I would consider Cincinnati part of the Midwest and therefore accustomed to winter weather, i.e. snow and ice, Cincinnatians were always so horrible about that sort of thing, and snowstorms would bring out the worst in drivers. Accidents, delays, super-slow speeds – it made commuting in any sort of snowy conditions an absolute nightmare. This is in addition to their sheer panic at the mere hint of snow. They frequently would delay the start of school, if not cancel it outright, at the possibility of any sort of accumulation, and the office was typically a ghost town on snowy days. Not so in Wisconsin. Not only did nothing shut down during this latest snowstorm, but every single one of my coworkers showed up to work and lasted the entire workday. People drove cautiously but not going so slow as to back things up or cause accidents. Even with the storm raging, the roads were mostly clear, and my commute was only five minutes longer than normal. It is so wonderful being back in a state that behaves properly in winter. Take that, Cincinnatians!

The #shineon is in full swing. You need to join us. All the cool kids are doing it. 😉

I am trying something different this year – monthly recaps that include more than just books. How did your January stack up against mine?

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