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Good afternoon, my lovelies! Laundry is in process. Brownies are cooling. The Daytona 500 is on, and all is quiet. It’s a beautiful Sunday with nary a cloud in the sky. Things couldn’t get any better.

Jim’s home! He came home late Thursday night, landing just before the latest winter storm passed through the area. It’s been so wonderful having him home again, knowing he’ll be home for the next two weeks.

As Murphy’s Law would dictate however, this latest trip home for Jim coincides with my latest business trip to Mexico. I leave tomorrow morning and come back Thursday afternoon. I know I have to go, and I am looking forward to letting Jim handle the family chores/chauffeur duties for a few days. It does suck that this trip has to eat into our little time we have to spend as a whole family, but you do what you have to do, right? I’ll be back before I know it and at least get my turn sans kids and all the bickering, fights about homework, tight schedules, and such.

We finally got Connor’s solo score from last week. He figured he did well, but his true score made me squeal just a little bit. Other than some small technical difficulties, which he knew were troubling him, he had an almost perfect score and very complimentary comments from the judge. We are so proud of him.

Not bad for his first tuba solo!

Reviewed this week:

That’s about it from here. I have some paperwork to put in order and bills to pay before I leave – you know, all those things that Jim will conveniently forget if I don’t do them now. I also have to write out the family schedule because he can never remember it. It’s a good thing I love him so much! 
Have a great Sunday, everyone! 
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