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Good morning, my darlings! Today is going to be a very quiet one in the Shannon household. This week has been busier than usual in Jim’s absence, and yesterday was particularly so. Nothing too special but lots of errands and running around doing this and that. I’m more than ready to sit down and relax today. How about you?

One of the things we had on the list this week was more high school preparation. Connor’s school requires a face-to-face meeting with his high school guidance counselor to register for classes. It is different and eats into the evening, but it was beneficial in that he not only gets to know his guidance counselor, she gets to know him. He was able to ask any questions he might have about his schedule and high school. I know he left her office feeling just a bit more comfortable, and he’ll have his official schedule by April. Nice!

Another big event this weekend was Connor’s first state solo and ensemble contest. He only participated in one solo, but from what I heard from others, he did really well. I honestly do not know how he did because he did not want me anywhere near his performance room and even went so far as to give me the wrong time of his solo. He told me later that I make him nervous. It hurts, but if my absence helps him perform better, then I guess it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. We didn’t stay to see his posted score, so Monday will be exciting to see how well the judge felt he did!

You know Jim has been gone way too often when I start taking care of things that he normally does. This week, I earned my man card by replacing the circuit board on our stove/oven. The oven stopped heating up a few weeks ago, so Jim ordered a replacement circuit board, which I received yesterday and replaced today. Electrical wires have nothing on me and it was with great satisfaction that after two weeks, I was finally able to cook something that did not involve pans or pots.

Books reviewed this week:

That’s about it for me this week. Time to see what the day does or does not hold for us. I’m thinking lots of books and possibly a nap. That sounds just about perfect to me! Have a great Sunday, everyone!
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