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Good morning, my darlings! Jim’s home! And has been for two whole days! Seriously, how sad is that? Getting excited because your husband is actually home for three days. Granted, he is leaving again tomorrow but will be back for the weekend. Two whole weekends in a row with him home. However will I manage?
How many people actually have off tomorrow in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I haven’t worked for a company that actually closed on MLK Day in a decade or more, and even the kids have school tomorrow. Is it one of those holidays that is beginning to lose meaning, or at least importance? Or is it just the school district’s desire to end the school year as early as possible? Does it diminish the importance of the day in any way by having school or staying open? These are random thoughts as I make sure the kids finish their homework and pack their lunches for tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, do you remember when everyone was wondering whether this winter was going to be as mild as last year’s, especially in light of the extremely hot summer we had? We can now definitely state that we are having an honest-to-goodness winter this year. Proof? We’ve never lost the snow that fell before Christmas, and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be a whopping 9 degrees. Lows are predicted to hover around zero. It has been a long time since I’ve had to experience temperatures like that. Of course, this happens during the week when I actually HAVE to go outside and can’t stay huddled under a blanket all day. I guess I’ll be pulling off the layered look this week.
The rest of this week was mundane. School, work, exercise, ballet, tap, jazz, Connor had a field trip, yada, yada, yada. I’m not complaining though. Sometimes, those relatively quiet weeks are perfect.
Reviewed this week:
Time to go enjoy one last day as a whole family before he flies out again, and we start a whole new work week. I hope everyone has a relaxing and warm Sunday. Happy reading!
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