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Good morning, darlings! Did you miss me? It was not my intent to go silent last week, but I had an unexpected computer emergency and spent all day transferring files from one laptop to the new one. 28 hours later, and I was finally back online. So, I’m back this week with all the news that is fit to print!
I must admit that it was rather nice to be headed back into work last week. I enjoyed my time off and could always use a few more days of it, but I missed my coworkers and was looking forward to starting the new year. I’ll confess that the year-end close process has been painful. Long hours, hours of meetings, checking and double-checking figures – I knew it would be stressful, but I wasn’t prepared for how stressful it would be. We aren’t quite finished yet either, which means I have a few more days of running numbers and pulling together reports. There is no time for rest because as soon as we finish closing the books for the year, we have to prepare for the annual audit. An accountant’s work is never done!
2013 has already brought its share of challenges to the family. Jim’s prowess in high-stress situations is garnering him lots of attention, which is always a good thing. He was named as one of the project managers for his company’s most recent acquisition. Unfortunately, this acquired company is located in California. We decided that it would be easier for all of us if he spent three weeks in California and one week at home. This will be an ongoing thing for months, we have no idea how long the integration will take, and it already started January 2nd when he flew out to California to make the formal announcement and introduce himself to his new employees. It is going to be a long and interesting winter and spring, but hopefully summer will see the entire family back together again for longer than a week at a time.
It was a bittersweet week this week as Connor showed us that he is not a little boy anymore. It started with his decision to stop taking piano lessons. We could tell his heart wasn’t in his lessons anymore, and rather than fight with him to practice or prepare for upcoming competitions, we left it up to him as to what he wanted to do. We also let him be the one to tell his teacher about his decision. His discussion with his teacher was heartfelt and so mature. It pains me to see him stop something for which he showed true talent and skill, but I was proud of him for carefully thinking through his decision and clearly and politely communicating it to his teacher.
The other big event this week was an informational meeting for incoming freshmen. It blows my mind that my baby is entering high school next year. I know Connor is excited about high school, but after talking to him about college requirements and looking at admissions pages for several of the colleges and universities for which he has already expressed a desire to attend, he now realizes that all those fun electives he wants to take are not going to be possible. He was disappointed but understands, even though he thinks that GPAs and class rankings are stupid and that there should be free college for everyone (my little socialist). The next few weeks/months will be a flurry of class selection and testing to make sure he is eligible for the honors classes (he took these same tests as a third grader and tested at the sophomore level at age seven) as well as his second semester of eighth grade and the arrival of track season. Life is definitely never dull in our house!

Reviewed over the past two weeks:

With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Happy reading!
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