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Happy Sunday, my darlings! Did everyone have a wonderful December holiday, whichever you celebrate? Our big day was Christmas Eve, with my family coming to the house to celebrate. The kids went sledding, and the adults stayed warm in front of the fire. It was a great day, even if everyone had to leave. Christmas morning saw a very generous Santa. Everyone received what they wanted, so there was a lot of happy faces.

Unfortunately, the household has also been visited by a very generous sick bug, as what was ailing Holly has traveled to both of the boys. High fevers that last about four days, one day spent in bed, a rattling cough, and general aches and pains – my house sounds like an infirmary. So far, I am the only one to remain healthy, although I figure my turn is coming just in time for me to head back into the office. What a way to celebrate the holidays, eh? Then again, let’s get it out of the way so we can remain healthy for the rest of the year!

While everyone has been recovering from this insidious virus, I’ve been puttering around the house, getting things organized for tax time, and reading, reading, reading. In fact, as I’m writing this on Saturday night, I’ll be taking some time offline to get the website organized and continue reading as much as I can. This is my vacation time after all; I might as well take advantage of it!

Reviewed this week:

As the year winds down, it is natural to look back and reflect on everything that happened. I know I say it every year, but seriously, this was one HELL of a year. The announced close of the Cincinnati sites, the job issues, Jim’s promotion and subsequent travel schedule, living in a hotel for almost two months, moving, switching schools, finding new doctors/dentists/hairdressers/dry cleaners/handymen/friends, the kids’ activities, current work stress – it has been an absolute whirlwind of a year that surpassed even our wildest imaginations.

Last year, I had hoped to reorganize my priorities by focusing on my family, my health, and being happier and more content. I fear that I failed miserably on almost all of these, especially my health. I am still thirty pounds overweight and am in miserable shape. I have been taking steps within the past month to change this and have a great online coach who is helping me with this for next year. So while I’m making changes, I have still failed at getting healthy and setting a good example for my children.

I am also absolutely ashamed at how much I have whined and complained this year, and I really have no good reason to do so. I may be overweight, but I am still relatively healthy. We sold our house in three weeks and found the house of our dreams. The move was seamless. I found a job within a few short weeks of searching. My coworkers are great. My husband received a promotion and continues to earn accolades in his current role. I have two gorgeous and talented children and a handsome and loving husband. I have so much when so many others have so little.

As up-and-down as the year was, I do feel that I am ending the year on a high note. I have made peace with everything that has happened over the course of the year and am really looking forward to seeing what the new year has to offer. I wish everyone a very healthy, happy, and safe New Year’s. I’ll see you all in 2013!

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