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Good morning! I, for one, hope this day is long and lazy. It has been quite the week, and I am more than ready for some time to unwind. Thankfully, the busy season seems to be winding down finally, and that much-needed rest and relaxation is just around the corner.

What a week – may I never have to experience such a week ever again. It started with my coworker going on paternity leave a few days earlier than expected. My small Finance department was already down a person – which is one of the reasons why I’ve been working on weekends and such long hours lately – but now we were down one additional person. That left only my boss and me to handle all of month-end close as well as the two-day inventory. This after both of us just got back from Mexico and were still getting settled after being away from the office for a week. Month-end close is still not finished; we are going to try to get it done on Monday, but it was another week of long hours with almost no breaks.

As for inventory, it is over! Well, I do have one more plant to count but it is newly opened and not 100 percent operational. If it takes us more than two hours to count, enter, verify, and finish everything, I will be very surprised. Anyway, the inventory for our biggest plant was on Thursday and Friday. 400 miles and many hours later, we finished Friday afternoon and can rightly call it an extremely successful count. It wasn’t as bad as I feared, but the four hours in the car each day was unpleasant, especially since this plant is out in the boondocks and is one of the few remaining places in the US that does not get cell reception. Driving those backroads in the pitch black with not a car or town in sight was nerve-wracking!

To add insult to injury, I found out on Tuesday that Jim’s company’s (a.k.a. my former employer) holiday party this Friday was formal. There was much panic as I realized I don’t fit into any of my appropriate dresses and did not have time for much shopping. I dragged him to one store on Tuesday night and was lucky enough to find a dress, wrap, and shoes in a little under an hour. The best part was that everything was marked down by a minimum of 45 percent. I am still not happy that I had to buy a dress that will hopefully be too big for me in a few months but am so relieved that I was able to find something appropriate quickly and cheaply. I did get a much-needed wrap out of the deal, as well as a fabulous new pair of shoes that I cannot wait to wear again.

As for the party itself, it really was not as bad as I feared. The people with whom I ended things sourly were not there, and those who did attend not only remembered me but asked quite genuinely how I was doing and seemed happy to see me. The company spends a LOT of money on this party, but it was worth it. Three or four bars plus one area set up as an Irish pub, complete with Irish “crisps” and Guinness and Harp on tap, a killer DJ, two Irish bands, wonderful food, valet parking, and some absolutely stunning decorations. I was able to meet a lot of the people with whom Jim spends so much of his time and was impressed/delighted with all of them. The party was still going strong when we left at 12:30 AM, and had I not been up since about 4 AM that morning, we might have stayed longer. I’m actually looking forward to attending next year. I never thought I would have said that!

    Now that everything is over, or almost over, it is time to concentrate on preparing for the holidays. I need to buy the kids’ gifts as well as finish out the rest of the family gifts, start my Christmas cards, and start baking holiday treats. Other than some online shopping, the rest is just not going to happen today. I  think a nap is my top priority today. How about you? How well are you doing with holiday preparations?

    Reviewed this week:

    If I want to get that nap in, I probably should get going – groceries are not going to purchase themselves, and I need to get a workout in today as well. Have a wonderful Sunday! Happy reading (or napping or both)!

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