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Good morning, dah-lings! The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped. Family is on its way. We even have snow on the ground. Other than the baking of some more Christmas goodies, I think I am about as ready for Christmas as I’ll ever be. How about you? Are you ready for the big day – if you go for that sort of thing?

Only one thing could put a damper on the event, and that is the current plague that hit the house this week. Holly, my darling girl who NEVER spikes a high fever, had a body temperature in the 103 degree range this week! Understandably, at those temperatures, her eyes, head, and joints hurt. Other than that though, she seems to be doing pretty well. Today is day four, and if others’ experiences are any indication, she should be on the mend today. Granted, now it looks like it is turning into a chest cold, but I’ll take that over the fever any day. So far, no one else in the family is sick, so we’re wiping down all surfaces with those lovely Lysol wipes in hopes that we can keep everyone healthy, at least until after Christmas.

Speaking of, this next week should be a pretty relaxing one in Casa Shannon. The kids are off of school, and I am off of work. Jim still has to go in to the office, but I’m hoping he can manage to get out of there earlier than normal and take advantage of the lax office hours. I’m looking forward to not doing much of anything except read, cook, and cuddle with my family. We all deserve some downtime!

Reviewed this week:

Considering I am still in my pajamas and I believe my parents are on their way, I probably should get going. After all, I have surfaces to disinfect and cookies to bake. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and even better Christmas holiday and/or week!

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