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We are in the final hours of 2012. I think I can safely look at my reading stats and know they are not going to change. So, how did I do?

It has definitely been a yo-yo year on the reading front. Moving and the chaos that resulted from it really did put a crimp in my overall reading, and I struggled to find my mojo after that. I was shooting for 200 books.; I only made it to 163. Yes, I know that is still good. Silly of me to be upset about this!

So here is how those 163 books broke down:

  • I had no problems focusing on female authors – 106 female authors versus 56 male authors. Girl power!
  • I spent a total of 23.2 days listening to my 39 audiobooks. 
  • This was not my year for Young Adult novels. I only read 29 YA novels this year. I definitely want to remedy this next year. 
  • I love my science/paranormal/speculative fiction. At 52 books, it was my most-read genre. 
  • I changed my focus midway through the year to try to decrease the total number of review copies I have. This was definitely reflected in my numbers as 61.5 percent of the books I read this year were review copies. Thankfully, this means I should be able to focus on reading my ever-growing bookshelves in 2013!
  • As you can imagine with reading so many review copies, most of the books I read were published in 2012. To mirror this, the books I read were on my TBR pile for an average of 173.9 days. 
  • I have my favorite authors, but this was not the year I read them. I managed to read works from 101 new-to-me authors. Nice!
When it is all said and done, I might not have met my reading goal that I initially hoped to meet, but I read a lot of great books and managed to decimate my pile of review copies. I can end 2012 feeling very satisfied at that. 
Speaking of great books, which ones were my favorite? In no particular order, here they are:

Interestingly enough, all but two of those making my best-of list were not review copies. More proof that 2013 is going to be all about non-review copies!

With this, I am officially calling 2012 over. Have a great New Year’s Eve and see you next year!

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