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Good morning, my lovelies! I am going to keep this short because I fear I am beginning to sound like a broken record. The weather is lovely. I am still tired because our schedule keeps filling, even though I am really trying to build downtime into it. Honestly, I think there are gremlins who are going in and adding things to my calendar because I am not certain why the damn thing is so packed.

Anyhoo, Halloween was a bust this year. Holly went out dressed as Frankie Stein from the Monster High series. She looked so cute! Connor felt that age twelve was too old to trick-or-treat so opted to stay home and pass out candy. Unfortunately, we had zero trick-or-treaters visit us, so his stint as candy distributor was a lonely and cold two-hour period of time. Because I had no idea what to expect, I bought a lot of candy too because I would hate to be that family that ran out before the end. I didn’t have to worry about it after all, and Jim has already donated most of our purchased candy to his fellow coworkers. Lesson learned.

Work on Halloween was an even greater disappointment, even though I really should not have been surprised. I got the last-minute idea to dress in black and bust out the heavy eyeliner and black lipstick and go as “Goth grown up”. I did not get a single comment or look. I cannot wear skirts that rise two inches above my knee but I can wear black lipstick. Good to know. The truly sad part was that I was the only person to even remotely get into the Halloween spirit in the office. There were no pumpkin earrings, no jewelry, no orange or black clothes, NOTHING. It was so depressing. HR passed out candy but referred to it as “Happy Day before November” or “Happy Eat Your Weight in Candy” day or other such nonsense. More proof that I just do not belong in that office?

Speaking of Halloween, my favorite challenge/reading event is now over. May I please have a moment of silence as we mourn the passing of the spookiest months of the year?

My mother-in-law and Jim’s twin brother (fraternal) are in town this weekend celebrating the boys’ 38th birthday. They live in Texas and have for the last 20 years. I don’t think they are enjoying our brisk weather as much as I do. Still, I know Jim is thrilled to have family around for his birthday and has been anticipating this weekend for quite some time. We went to the Janesville Fest of Ale last night. I had a blast and may have found a new cider and seasonal ale. The band that played while we tried various ales and local food was absolutely fantastic. I am already looking forward to attending next year! Today will be spent hanging out, showing them around the area. Both are thoroughly enjoying some time to just relax and unwind as they are both very active in taking care of my father-in-law and never get a moment to themselves. That’s okay with me. 😉

Reviewed this week:

I should go and be a good hostess to my guests. Actually, I have a birthday cake to make and a birthday dinner to prepare. I hope everyone has a relaxing and wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!
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