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Good evening! This is coming to you late because I was too busy reading. I took the spirit of Thankfully Reading to heart this weekend. Even with finishing four books plus a trip to my parents’ house on Thanksgiving, I still managed to do all the laundry, shop for furniture, scour the house, put out all holiday decorations, exercise every day, and cook up some amazing meals. I’m ready for another weekend. Who’s with me?

I am really not looking forward to this week. More work drama happened this past week, and now my boss is not exactly my number one fan even though I still cannot get any specifics about who I seem to have upset and why. These next three weeks are the entire reason I was hired, as we enter inventory season, and my boss and I will be spending a lot of time together. To have her upset with me is not a good way to start these weeks. It all starts on Tuesday with another trip to our factory in Mexico, and I cannot tell you how badly I do NOT want to go. Mexico, inventory counting, and a manager who has stated that she is “extremely concerned” about my ability to do my job have the potential to make this one of the longest trips ever. At this point in time, I am seriously counting down until our return trip on Friday and will not even complain about the 6:30 AM flight out of Mexico.

Enough about that – the mere thought gets my stomach churning. Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? In addition to not working and reading a lot, I was able to get in one nap, plus we had a contractor working on adding tile mosaic to our kitchen and fixing some cracked plaster around the house. The kitchen looks amazing now. It makes the two days my kitchen was out of commission so worth it. My kitchen is all grown up!


As it is getting later, I suppose I need to go get ready for the work week. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and has a great week. Happy reading!

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