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Good morning! I’m just chilling this morning, trying not to think about the hundreds of invoices that I brought home to enter today – the downside of still not having a replacement for the one coworker who left for another department. On the positive side, I am taking off of work Wednesday, so with the holiday, I’m looking at a five-day weekend. YAHOO!!!

I cannot tell you how much I need a break from work. Doing the work of two full-time employees is exhausting. Not only that, but I think I have become the next scapegoat. This past summer, shortly after I started working there, they unexpected fired their supply chain manager. This caused huge waves throughout the company, as he was in the process of making some sweeping changes that would improve the way we operate, and I was probably his most vocal champion. I loved what he wanted to do because it involved issues that I had noticed needed to change and I had only been at the company for a few weeks. It turns out my company has some huge issues with change. He was upsetting some people, who then felt empowered to complain about his “attitude” and “ability to work with people” to the higher-ups, including the CEO. That’s all it took. This past week, my boss called me into her office to let me know that she had been hearing some comments from people about my “attitude” and “ability to work with others”. Sound familiar? Yeah. Did I mention I was this person’s most vocal champion and that I continue to tout the need for change within the organization? Between the stress of trying to get everything done and now this, I need a break to rest and recharge.

Jim is still traveling, the kids remain as busy as ever. So, I think we are all in need of some time to just sit and decompress. It has been a long school year so far, and we are only one-quarter of the way through it. Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

Speaking of work, this past Thursday was the annual Grazing Day event. My coworkers made a huge deal about it, describing it as one of the best days of the year. I agonized over what to bring – knowing that at my former company, working with a bunch of food scientists and chefs made potlucks so delicious but also a challenge. So, it was with great trepidation that I brought my caprese skewers and yet with some excitement at the possibility of tasting delicious food all day long. It was with horror that I discovered that Grazing Day consisted of nothing but about ten bags of chips, store-bought vegetable platters and jarred dips, processed cheese and cream cheese galore, plus an entire table of cheese, sausage, and crackers. Not only that but this food was set out at 9 AM and left out All. Day. Long. I actually left Grazing Day extremely hungry because I barely ate anything at all. Not only was the food mostly crap, the bacteria growing on all that dairy or meat-based food after sitting out for a few hours was enough to turn my stomach. I realized that not only have I become a food snob, I was extremely spoiled working with so many chefs, and I really need to get back into the food industry. I still shudder at the site of all that processed food.

Yesterday’s Wisconsin game was a tough loss. I really do not like Ohio State. The NFL players from there are SO pompous with their “The Ohio State University” crap. There was some horrible play-calling but the refs did not help either. Seriously, what is up with football refs and Wisconsin teams? Is it a conspiracy or what? On to Penn State next week to watch Montee Ball break the NCAA record for career touchdowns. At least we got to see him tie the record yesterday.

Reviewed this week:

Okay. I cannot put off those invoices any further. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!
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