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Good morning, dah-lings! I sit here writing – and all of the windows are open and I’m not cold! I cannot tell you how momentous this is. To have this type of weather in November in Wisconsin? The birds are flitting about, enjoying it as much as I am. Granted, the bottom is going to drop out and the highs on Monday are supposed to be thirty degrees cooler than today. I better enjoy it while I can!

On Tuesday, Jim’s mother and brother left us to go back home. It was an absolutely lovely visit. They wanted to do nothing but relax. I was more than happy to accommodate them. Jim was able to take off on Monday and Tuesday and took them sightseeing. The weather wasn’t horribly cold, although we did get some snow showers Tuesday morning. (They live in Texas; weather definitely plays a factor as to their enjoyment of a trip.) I don’t think we could have asked for a better visit. I think it made Jim’s (and his brother’s) birthday more special than it has been in a long time.

Yesterday it was my turn for family events, as we drove to Green Bay to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. To be fair, my grandfather also turns 90 in December of this year, but he is suffering from dementia and probably has no idea how old he is, let alone why we would have a party for him. I believe this was one of the first birthday parties she has had in a while, and my mother planned for the guest list to be a surprise. When all of the grandkids and all but two of the great-grandchildren showed, there were tears aplenty. I may have issues with my grandparents and their understanding of the word as it pertained to my childhood, but it was so touching to see how important it was to her. Since we did the trip there and back all in one day (six hours round trip), it was definitely worth it.

Today’s schedule involves the usual chores and errands. The stack of bills, receipts, and other mail on my desk is overflowing, and Connor is in desperate need of clothes that fit. The Packers have a bye week, so there should be plenty of time to get it all done and still find time to read. That’s my goal anyway. Alafair Burke’s latest is calling to me a little too loudly, so we shall see if I can avoid temptation.

Speaking of football, as much as I love my Badgers, it is a sad state of affairs when their pitiful record is enough to get them to the Big 10 Championship game again this year. I want to gloat that the best team in the conference this year is not bowl-eligible because of NCAA violations, and we all know why Penn State will not be seeing any post-season play. Still, what a shame that an undefeated team is going to be punished because of poor choices on the part of former players and their coaching staff. It almost feels as if the championship game is somewhat of a joke because this is one year the best teams will not be participating.

Did you see that Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves and Jennifer from Literate Housewife are hosting Thankfully Reading Weekend this year? I am definitely going to be participating this year! We have no plans for the entire weekend, other than celebrating the holiday itself with my parents. I don’t do Black Friday shopping. It is the first weekend in months where our schedule is wide open. I plan to take full advantage of that. Won’t you join us?


I should go and do what I said I was going to do. First things first, I really need to get out there and take a walk before the cold front barrels its way through the area. Goodness knows I could stand to get off my butt and get some exercise, but Tallulah has been particularly crazy lately. We all need to get moving today. 
Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are. Happy reading, ya’ll!
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