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Good evening, my lovelies! The delay in this week’s news update is due to a trip to Chicago for a little thing called the Chicago marathon. Jim and my little brother decided that running 26.2 miles would be a good idea. This was Jim’s second marathon, so that he knew what he was getting into doing. In spite of the chilly morning, they both finished in just under 4 hours and 30 minutes (4:24 and 4:28 exactly) and spent the rest of the day hobbling about the town. It is always fun to see the runners on the course, although with 52,000 runners, Chicago was absolutely chaotic. We ended up walking a lot more than we thought we would, and my poor niece and nephew struggled. Still, it was thrilling to see them cross the finish line. Way to go, Jim and Mike!

Have you updated your subscription feed yet? I just want to make sure no one gets lost in case Feedburner really does shut down on October 20th.

I might have waxed melancholic this week as I went inside my brain and shared some things that really needed to see the light of day. I have not been able to read all of the responses yet, but of the ones I have read, it is further confirmation why I love you guys. You know just how to cheer up a gal. I may not know what I am going to do, but I know that I will always count you among my closest friends. Thanks, everyone, for your lovely words!

Muse’s new album is still at the top of my playlist. It has gotten mixed reviews from critics, but I personally feel it is one of those albums that requires multiple exposure in order to fully appreciate what they were trying to accomplish. The songs are so eclectic this time around – from the James Bond-type theme to the bluesy-jazz rock song to dubstep to very emotional songs about battles with alcoholism, they cross so many song genres in this album. It is a huge risk, but I love it.

Reviewed this week:

Well, folks, it has been a long weekend, and I for one need to go spend some time with my champion before he heads out for yet another week-long business trip. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!
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