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Good morning, my lovelies! It’s been another crazy week here in the Shannon household and a weekend that is just as busy. I’m looking at the calendar and trying to figure out the next quiet weekend. It doesn’t look good, folks. We’re talking the middle of December, if we are lucky. Oy.

I have a much better appreciation for single parents everywhere. I don’t know how they do it, as I can barely make it through the week whenever Jim is traveling. I find myself slowly becoming a walking zombie, not really capable of doing much more than watching TV and playing Bingo on Facebook as the week progresses. I fall asleep almost the minute my head hits the pillow, and I wake up exhausted thanks to interrupted or at least very light sleeping. My reading has really deteriorated because of this, and I am not happy. Thankfully, Jim is in town for the next two weeks (I think), so I am hoping to get some much needed rest and relaxation in spite of our busy schedules.

This week marked the end of the first quarter for both kids and Holly’s parent-teacher conference. They have done an amazing job this term. Holly’s teacher is in love with her, and according to her, the rest of her class is as well. It does a parent good to hear her child described as polite, friendly, outgoing, conscientious, and incredibly eager to learn. Connor has adjusted to his new school really well, and his grades reflect that. Now that they established a benchmark though, they have their work cut out for them for the rest of the year.

Reviewed this week:

I also cast my vote for Dueling Monsters, although I suspect that you already know my selection for this year’s winner. 
That’s about all I’ve got here. We have pumpkins to carve, groceries to purchase, my nephew’s birthday party, and other household chores. Somehow, it will all get done. I hope everyone is able to relax more than me. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!
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